Cancer Wellness Center Holds Annual Fashion Show –

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Sunday was a day to stroll the catwalk and stand tall with confidence.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the Woodlands in Plains Township close to Wilkes-Barre for the eighth annual Sweet's Place Fashion Show.

Sweet's Place is a nonprofit most cancers wellness middle that provides help teams, train services, and even a wig and equipment boutique.

The occasion is a large fundraiser for Sweet's Place.

"Everyone's story is completely different and, you recognize, you meet so many great folks with so many nice tales, so many superb tales. It is only a great group and I simply suppose we're so fortunate to have this in our space ," stated Audrey Brozena.

A runway present was placed on later within the day the place sufferers confirmed off an outfit from an area retailer and every wore a special coloration signifying several types of most cancers.


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Cancer Wellness Center Holds Annual Fashion Show -