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Almost twenty years after beloved fashion designer Gianni Versace was gunned down exterior of his Miami mansion, the query nonetheless exists of whether or not he had by some means crossed paths with his killer earlier than that fateful morning, investigators say in 48 HOURS: “Homicide by Design,” to be broadcast Saturday at 10 p.m. on CBS 6.

Versace, a designer who dressed a few of the most well-known girls on this planet from Princess Diana to celebrities Elizabeth Hurley and Courtney Love, was shot useless on the morning of July 15, 1997. The killer walked up, shot him twice execution fashion after which walked off, leaving Versace bleeding to loss of life on the steps to his dwelling.

The loss of life rocked the fashion world. The investigation into what occurred would uncover a killer who thrived on consideration and was prepared to kill buddies.

The designer’s buddy, Lazaro Quintana, was within the mansion with Versace’s associate Antonio D’Amico, and heard the pictures. Quintana took off after the killer. “I yelled at him. I yelled, ‘You bastard. Why did you do that? Why did you do that?” Quintana tells correspondent Richard Schlesinger.

As he chased the shooter, a automotive stopped and informed Quintana the person had a gun. “He stops proper throughout the alley,” Quintana recollects. “And that’s when he pointed the gun at me.”

“I keep in mind it profoundly,” says “Mission Runway’s” Tim Gunn. “I opened up my laptop and it flashed earlier than me that Gianni had been murdered. I used to be surprised.”

Was it a focused hit or just a random killing? It will take simply three hours for police to be taught the identify of the killer, Andrew Cunanan. Police throughout the nation have been already attempting to find Cunanan for the murders of 4 others. In Minnesota, police say he killed his good buddy Jeff Path and David Madson, who had been his lover. In Chicago, he murdered actual property developer Lee Miglin. Cunanan then killed William Reese, a cemetery caretaker in Pennsville, New Jersey, earlier than taking Reese’s truck and driving to Miami.

However what was Cunanan’s connection to Versace?

“We've got what we usually name a spree killer. This wasn’t a haphazard crime,” says former FBI profiler, Mary Ellen O’Toole. “Mister Versace was focused.”

Although there’s no arduous proof of a tie, there was hypothesis that Cunanan and Versace had some connection.

“I feel there’s a robust chance that they crossed paths earlier than,” says Carlos Noriega, who was then a lieutenant with the Miami Seashore Police Division when Versace was killed.

“And that performs into his motive,” provides Gustavo Sanchez, a detective with the Miami Seashore Police Division. “I feel so. I feel they knew one another or he wished to be in his circle, and possibly he was rejected. And that is - that is all hypothesis.”

Because the 20th anniversary of Versace’s loss of life nears, 48 HOURS investigates Cunanan’s path of homicide that led to Miami. The printed options interviews with Tim Gunn, buddies of Cunanan and his victims, and investigators who had been on the path of the killer earlier than and after Versace was murdered.

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Did fashion icon Gianni Versace know his killer? - wtvr.com