Fashion shoot: head back to the happy heydays of the 70s and 80s – South China Morning Post

Left: gloves (HK$2,800), sneakers (HK$9,600), shirt and skirt, all by Gucci (inquiries: 2524 4492). Belt by Mariam Gvasalia. Inset: costume (HK$14,800 ) and boots (HK$10,900) by Balenciaga.

Gown (HK$25,500) by Loewe. Gloves by Balenciaga (inquiries: 2798 8892).

Left: floral prime (HK$eight,250) and skirt (HK$10,800) by Prada. Proper: trenchcoat by Ani Datukishvili.

Cape (HK$29,900), gilet (HK$eight,550), skirt (HK$14,900) and boots (HK$21,200), all by Louis Vuitton.

Principal: shirt and bra by Kenzo (inquiries: 2175 4118). Inset: costume (HK$21,000) and boots (HK$9,500) by Céline. Earring (HK$three,500) and bag (HK$23,700) by Balenciaga.

Left: minidress (HK$10,900), pantashoes (HK$22,300) and earrings (HK$three,500), all by Balenciaga. Inset: robe by Lasha Jokhadzet.

Images Tim Wong
Artwork course and styling Declan Chan
Styling help Nanuka Baghashvili, Nini Tskhovrebadze
Photograph help David Eristavi
Particular thanks Anano Dolaberidze
Art work Augustine Wong
Mannequin Shujing Zhou at Longteng
Location Tbilisi, Georgia

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