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MANILA – Dominique Cojuangco, daughter of actress Gretchen Barretto and businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco, is now a fashion designer.

After finishing her diploma at a fashion college in London, Cojuangco tapped her mom as her muse for her first assortment, named “La Doña.” 

In an interview with the fashion web site Preview.ph, Cojuangco stated her creations “pulled inspiration from the Philippines.”

“With emphasis on the phrase ‘impressed,’ I wished my clothes to exude the magnificence of a Filipina girl with out blatantly screaming the place I took my inspiration from. I checked out pictures of ‘previous’ and ‘new’ Manila for shade, utilizing a vivid palette as a result of Filipinos are identified for his or her brilliant and sunny inclinations,” she defined.

“I named the gathering ‘La Doña’ for its two meanings. It straight interprets to ‘girl,’ however was additionally a time period of endearment which means ‘primadonna’ that my household would use for me once I was a child,” she added.

“The folks I take note of shopping for my clothes are those that discover confidence and wonder in themselves when sporting my designs.”

Cojuangco stated she plans to promote on-line “as I put new clothes up little by little relatively than assortment by assortment.”

Listed below are some photographs of her designs, as modeled by her mom:

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LOOK: Dominique Cojuangco debuts as fashion designer - ABS-CBN News