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Body image has all the time been a controversial matter throughout the fashion trade. 

Which is why a brand new trailer for ‘Straight/Curve’ - a documentary that discusses the style trade’s harmful portrayal of physique picture - is past highly effective. 

Attributable to be aired on Wednesday 21 June on US TV channel EPIX, the newly launched trailer reveals topic issues reminiscent of diversity, consuming issues and an absence of plus-size fashions being mentioned.


The documentary, by filmmaker Jenny McQuaile, goals to vary what is supposed by “very best magnificence”, by sharing tales and views from models of all sizes, brokers, designers, writers and photographers. 

In response to the Straight/Curve web site, 70% of youngsters outline ‘very best’ physique picture as what they see in style magazines - however 91% of girls really feel they must weight loss plan to suit this ‘very best’ physique form.

Which is partly why McQuaile believes the trade wants to vary and promote all physique sorts, not only one or two. 

The filmmakers have additionally created an Instagram account and it’s tremendous inspirational. 

#regram @khrystyana: "ON AIRBRUSHING Ok, so there seems to be a very vivid battle between people who scream "don't airbrush my photos" or "please photoshop them" as if one is better than the other. Why can't there be perfectly both coexisting in harmony? I have a friend , if you only mention "photoshop" around her it gives her shivers and I have other friends who would not let anyone see any pic unless it went through some work. This photo I'm posting today is perfectly touched up, yet my body has not been altered at all. Airbrushing does not always mean "liquefying, slimming, plumping". There is so much more to airbrushing and it IS a great form of art expression. This photo is taken by amazing @peter_rosa (I LOVE how real he shot this) and My friend Nikole here added some stars and color density to make it more fun and playful. SO IT Had work done. Edited or non edited - both BEAUTY. However you choose your path to express yourself, as long as you do it with love especially towards yourself. I hope that people who hate photoshop can be open to it, because there is so much more to editing than "body adjustments" and I hope that certain photoshop lovers can see that skin or "flaws" (no they aren't) can remain as is and not take away from the purpose of the photo. A model can still sell a piece of fashion even with rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, sun spots, scars, blemishes etc. thoughts? Sending you the abundance of love. Yours, khrystyana #beautyRevised P.S. My friend Nekole kindly offered to edit this image for my IG. She wrote " As a retoucher I love finding creative ways to give new life to an image to highlight beauty" she launched an app @humantouchphotos for those who want to experiment #allBodiesAreGoodBodies #bodypositive#effyourbeautystandards#iamsizesexy#teamcurvy#embraceyourcurves#beautybeyondsize#noshame#bodypositivity#honormycurves#curvymodels#ilovemybody#bodylove#bodyacceptance#selfconfidence#bodyimage#curvymodel#bopo#thisbody#bopowarrior #boldncurvy#celebratemysize#goldenconfidence#alternativecurves"

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