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No, it's not stuffing it with damp newspaper or placing them within the freezer - and individuals swear by it

THERE’S nothing worse than forking out on a brand new pair of shoes solely to be left hobbling about hours later.

You inform your self they’ll quickly stretch however when, every week later, your ft are blistered and plasters simply aren’t slicing it, what do you do?

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Discovering you’ve spent laborious-earned cash on shoes that rub your ft is painful in itself

Some individuals swear by stuffing your shoes with damp newspaper or filling them with a bag of water and popping them within the freezer the place the water expands and stretches them.

This, although, is a extra focused method.

In spite of everything, why stretch the entire shoe when it’s solely your little toe that’s crimson uncooked?

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Some individuals swear by stuffing your shoes with damp newspaper, however fashion industry insiders use a extra focused trick

Fabulous’ fashion editor, Lynne McKenna, reveals industry insiders rub a bar of cleaning soap onto the issue space to banish any pinching or rubbing.

She says: “That is the one tip to belief – particularly with a pleasant pair of shoes.

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Fabulous’ fashion editor recommends rubbing a bar of moist cleaning soap on the issue space

“This manner, you'll be able to’t injury them or destroy the shoes’ form.”

She advises it’s greatest to do that the evening before you intend to put on them to permit the softening trick to totally work its magic and take in.

And if that doesn’t clear up the issue, it could also be that you just’re one of the half of British women who is wearing the wrong shoe size.

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